Choosing the Right Sealer for Your New Concrete Patio

Choosing the Right Sealer for Your New Concrete Patio

Are you looking to protect your new concrete patio and enhance its appearance? Choosing the right sealer is crucial in ensuring the longevity and durability of your outdoor space. In this article, we will discuss the different types of sealers available and provide tips on selecting the best one for your concrete patio. Whether you want to prevent water damage, UV rays, or enhance the color of your patio, we have got you covered. Read on to learn how to choose the perfect sealer for your new concrete patio.

Types of Sealers

When it comes to protecting your new concrete patio, choosing the right sealer is crucial. There are several types of sealers available on the market, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Here are the three most common types of sealers to consider:

Penetrating Sealers

Penetrating sealers are designed to penetrate the surface of the concrete, forming a protective barrier that repels water, oil, and other contaminants. These sealers are ideal for outdoor applications, as they provide long-lasting protection without changing the appearance of the concrete. Penetrating sealers are a great choice for homeowners looking for low maintenance options.

Acrylic Sealers

Acrylic sealers are a popular choice for those looking to enhance the appearance of their concrete patio. These sealers come in a variety of finishes, from glossy to matte, and can be tinted to add color to the concrete. Acrylic sealers provide a durable, UV-resistant coating that protects the concrete from water damage and staining. However, they may require more frequent reapplication than penetrating sealers.

Polyurethane Sealers

Polyurethane sealers are known for their high-gloss finish and excellent durability. These sealers create a thick protective layer on the surface of the concrete, providing resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and UV rays. Polyurethane sealers are a great choice for high-traffic areas or where a glossy finish is desired. However, they can be more expensive than other types of sealers and may require more maintenance to keep them looking their best.

When choosing the right sealer for your new concrete patio, consider the level of protection you need, the desired appearance, and your maintenance preferences. Each type of sealer has its own unique qualities, so be sure to do your research and select the one that best fits your needs.

Factors to Consider

When selecting a sealer for your new concrete patio, there are several important factors to consider to ensure you choose the right product for your needs.


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a sealer for your concrete patio is durability. You want a sealer that will provide long-lasting protection against the elements, including UV rays, moisture, and stains. Look for a sealer that is specifically designed for outdoor use and offers superior durability to keep your patio looking great for years to come.

Gloss Level

Another important factor to consider is the gloss level of the sealer. The gloss level refers to the level of shine or sheen that the sealer will provide once applied to the concrete surface. Some sealers offer a high-gloss finish that provides a wet look, while others offer a more natural matte finish. Consider the overall aesthetic you want to achieve with your patio and choose a sealer with the appropriate gloss level to enhance the appearance of your concrete.

Application Method

Finally, consider the application method of the sealer. Some sealers are easy to apply with a brush or roller, while others may require specialized equipment such as a sprayer. Consider your level of experience with sealing products and choose a sealer that is easy to apply for a professional-looking finish. Additionally, consider the drying time and cure time of the sealer to ensure it fits within your timeline for completing the project.

Application Process

When it comes to choosing the right sealer for your new concrete patio, the application process is crucial to ensure the longevity and durability of the sealer. Before applying the sealer, proper surface preparation is essential to achieve the best results.

Surface Preparation

Before applying the sealer, it is important to thoroughly clean the concrete patio to remove any dirt, debris, or stains. This can be done using a pressure washer or a scrub brush with a mild detergent. Once the surface is clean, it is important to allow it to dry completely before applying the sealer.

Sealer Application

When applying the sealer, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. This may involve using a brush, roller, or sprayer to evenly coat the surface of the concrete patio. It is important to apply the sealer in thin, even coats to prevent pooling or streaking.

Curing Time

After applying the sealer, it is important to allow it to cure properly before using the patio. This may involve waiting 24-48 hours for the sealer to dry completely. It is important to avoid walking on the patio or placing any furniture on it during this time to ensure the sealer cures properly.

By following these steps for the application process, surface preparation, sealer application, and curing time, you can ensure that your new concrete patio is properly sealed and protected for years to come.


In conclusion, selecting the right sealer for your new concrete patio is a crucial decision that will impact the longevity and appearance of your outdoor space. By considering factors such as the type of concrete, desired finish, and environmental conditions, you can make an informed choice that will protect and enhance your patio for years to come. Remember to thoroughly prepare the surface, apply the sealer according to manufacturer instructions, and regularly maintain it to ensure optimal performance. With the right sealer, your concrete patio will be a beautiful and functional addition to your home.